Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Dynamite Garage radio station

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Enough monkeybusiness. Here's the set for the week. Got plenty of raunching r&b songs from all over the world for you, so dust your best dancing shoes and grab your partner.

Zakary Thaks - Won't Come Back(1967)
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA J-Beck 1101

The Attack - Go Your Way(1966)
London, UK

The Blues Inc - Get Off My Back(1966)
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, Phalanx 1025

The Brogues - Don't Shoot Me Down(1965)
San Jose, California, USA Challenge 59316

The Caravelles - Lovin' Just My Style(1966)
Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Onacrest 502

The Chocolate Watchband - Sweet Young Thing(1967)
San Jose, California, USA, Uptown 740

The Cindermen - Don't Do It Some More(1966)
Fresno, California, USA, Moonglow 5012

The Easybeats - Sorry(1966)
Sydney, Australia, Parlophone 8224

The Electric Company - Scarey Business(1966)
San Fransisco, USA, Titan FF 1753

The Elois - By My Side(1967)
Maryborough, Victoria, Australia, In IN-S-8067

The Four Strangers - Sad & Lonely(1965)
Newcastle, Australia, Festival FK-1022

The Gentrys - Wild(1965)
California, USA, Kado 0074

The Lyrics - So What(1965)
San Diego, California, USA, Feather 101/Era 3153

Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects - I'm Going Back(Previously Unreleased)
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

The Masters' Apprentices - Buried and Dead(1967)
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, Astor A-7075

The Masters' Apprentices - Poor Boy(Previously Unreleased)
Recorded 1965, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Namelosers - That's Alright(1966)
Malmø, Sweeden, Columbia DS 2255

The Nomads - Be Nice(1966)
Fort Worth, Texas, USA, Spotlight 5019/5020

Outsiders - Won't You Listen(1967)
Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Holland, On LP: Relax 30,007

Pink Finks - Louie Louie(1965)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Mojo 001

The Pretty Things - Road Runner(1965)
London, UK, Fontana TL 5239, 687 341 TL

The Purple Hearts - Just A Little Bit(1966)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Sunshine qk 1448

Q-65 - It Came To Me(1967)
The Hague, Zuld Holland, Holland, Decca AT 10263

Red Beard & The Pirates - Go On(1966)
Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA, Gaye 3043

The Scumbugs - My Baby`s Gone Away(To be released 2013)
Bergen, Norway

The Scumbugs - Missing Link(To be released 2013)
Bergen, Norway

The Slaves - Slaves Time(1966)
Vienna, Austria, Philips 339414

The Sunsets - I Want Love(1967)
Newcastle, Australia, Fesival FK-1797

The Triumphs - Surfside Date(196?)
Milwaukee, Winsconsin, USA, IFF 151

We The People - Mirror Of Your Mind(1966)
Orlando, Florida, Challenge 59333

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