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The Dynamite Garage radio station

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It's all punk!

Yesterday's Children - Feelings(1966)
New York, USA, Showcase 9812

Adrian Lloyd - Got A Little Woman(1965)
Los Angeles, USA, Charger 112

Adrian Lloyd - Lorna(1965)
Los Angeles, USA, Charger 112

All Of Thus - It's All Right With Me(1965)
Century 27916

Beethoven 4 - Don't Call On Me(196?)
Tifton, Georgia, Tag 4000/1

The Benders - You Can't Tame Me(1966)
Marinette, Winsconsin, Big Sound 3006

Blue Embers - I Don't Want To See You(Previously Unreleased)

Christopher & The Souls - Diamonds, Rats, And Gum(1966)
McAllen, Texas, USA, Paraoh P-151

Cicadelics - We're Gonna Love This Way(1967)
Angleton, Texas, USA; Psychidelic Sound 1001

Don Norman & The Other 4 - Low Man(1966)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Sir John A. RG-1015 and Sir John A. SJA 3

Dry Gins - She's a Drag(1966)
Layfayette, Louisiana, Montel Michelle 959

The Eyes - I'm Rowed Out(1966)
London, UK, Mercury MF 881

Edges Of Wisdom - The Past(196?)
Illinois, USA, Redd Robb 2021

Esquires - Sadie's Way(1965)
Jonesboro, Arizona, USA, Alley 650a-1023

The Fugitives - I'll Hang Around(1966)
Lansing, Michigan, USA, Fenton 2075

Gonn - Don't Need Your Lovin'(1966)
Keokuk, Iowa, USA

The Great Believers - Comin' Up Fast(196?)
Houston, Texas, Cascade 365

Group - Tell Me Why(196?)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, Shore Bird 1013

Just Too Much - She Gives Me Time(1966)
Los Angeles, USA, M-Gee 002

Lyn & The Invaders - Boy Is Gone(1966)
Michigan, USA, Fenton 2040

Lincolns - We Got Some(1966)
Bonneville, Washington, USA

Liverpool Set - Seventeen Tears To The End(1966)
Canada, Columbia C4-43512

Lord Crazy - Crazy Crazy(1966)
Phillipsthat, NOrdhessen, Germany, CCA 5020

Madd Inc - I'll Be The One(1966)
Marysville, California, Icon IER 508

Menerals - My Flash On You(Previously Unreleased)
Denton, Texas

Murphy & The Mob - Born Loser(196?)
Tyler, Texas, Talisman 1823

One Way Street - Joy And Sorrow(196?)
Pharr, Texas, USA, Deeek 103

The Outcasts - I'm In Pittsburgh(And It's Raining)(1966)
San Antonio, Texas, USA, Askel 102

Pleazers - Bald Headed Woman(1966)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Zodiac EPZ-133

Ray Columbus & The Art Collection - Kick Me(1967)
Christchurch, New Zealand, Colstar 1001

Ravenz - Sleepless Nights(1965)
Danbury, Connecticut, USA, Haven 197

Satans - Makin' Deals(1966)
Fullerton, California, Manhattan 801

Shades Of Blue - Weak In The Knees(1966)
Tasmania, Australia, Life 4-024

The Swamp Rats - No Friend Of Mine(1967)
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, St Clair stc 711

Teddy Boys - Jezebel(1966)
Hyde Park, New York, USA, MGM 13515

Terry Knight & The Pack - How Much More(1966)
Flint, Michigan, USA, Lucky Eleven 225

Tigermen - Close That Door(1966)
Buffalo, New York, Buff 1005

Venetian Blinds - Quit Your Belly Aching Baby(1966)
San Atonio, Texas, USA, Grudge gr 1651

Positively 13 O'Clock - Psychotic Reaction(1966)
Tyler, Texas, USA, HBR 500

Previous list from the psychedelic week:

Beautiful Daze - City Jungle(1967)
California, USA, Spread City 101, and: RPR 101

The Bucket - I Can't Help Thinking of You(1968)
Adelaide, Australia, Festival FK-2063

Calico Wall - Flight Reaction(196?)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Turtle 1107

Calico Wall - I'm A Living Sickness(Previously Unreleased)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Children Of The Night - World Of Tears(1967)
Old Saybroo, Connecticut, USA, Bella 45-101

The Cirkit - Yesterday We Laughed(196?)
Michigan City, Indianapolis, USA, Unicorn 34941

The Dirty Filthy Mud - The Forest Of Black(1968)
Oakland, California, USA, Worex 2340

The Dovers - The Third Eye(1966)
Santa Barbara, California, USA, Miramar 123

The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)(1966)
San Fernando Valley, California, USA, Reprise R/RS 6248(LP) / Reprise 0532

The Electric Prunes - Shadows(1968)
San Fernando Valley, California, USA, Soundtrack on The Name of the Game Is Kill(1968)

The Galaxies IV - Don't Lose Your Mind(1967)
Trenton, New Jersey, USA, RCA Victor 47-9235

Godfrey - Let's Take A Trip(1965)
Los Angeles, California, USA, Cee Jam 3

Grains Of Sand - Golden Apples Of The Sun(1966)
Los Angeles, California, USA, Genesis 101

Higher Elevation - The Diamond Mine(1967)
Greeley, Connecticut, USA, Chicory 408

The Inferno - The Inferno(196?)
Olivet, Michigan, USA, Plastik 15383

Last Knight - Shadow Of Fear(1968)
Chicago, Illinois, USA, Orlyn 5140-3520

The Livin' End - She's A Teaser(196?)
USA, Rickin 007

Lost Souls - This Life Of Mine(1966)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Sunshine QK-1469

Mec Op Singers - Stop The Machine(1968)
Namur, Belgium, EMI C 006 23 096

The Monocles - Spider & The Fly(1967)
Greeley, Connecticut, USA, Chicory 407

The Mynd Gardeners - Discotheque(2010)
Adelaide, Australia, Smashed Records SMA 146

Neal Ford And The Fanatics - Shame On You(1967)
Houston, Texas, USA, Hickory 1433

The Night People - We Got It(196?)
Parma, Ohio, USA, Del-Nita 1002

Oedipus & The Mothers - (I Remember) How It Used To Be(196?)
Austin, Texas, USA, Beacon bd-1001

The Painted Faces - Anxious Color(1967)
Fort Myers, Florida, USA, Manhattan 808

Phorenbach Delegation - Tall Grass(196?)
Chicago, Illinois, USA, Fahrenheit Fah-100

The Remaining Few - Painted Air(1968)
San Angelo, Texas, USA, Askel 112

Ron Wray Light Show - Speed(196?)
Syracause, New York, USA, Eceip 015

Scorpio Tube - Yellow Listen(Previously Unreleased)
California, USA, Demo recorded 1970, B-side of "White Birches"

Thee Sixpence - In The Building(196?)
Glendale, California, USA, All-American 333

Stoics - Enough Of What I Need(1967)
San Antonio, Texas, USA, Brams 101

Things To Come - Darkness(Previously Unreleased)
Long Beach, California, USA, First time re-released on Sundazed KS-LP 5008

The Third Bardo - I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time(1967)
New York, NY, USA, Roulette 4742

We Who Are - Last Trip(1967)
Waterloo, Iowa, USA, Love 6793

The Whatt Four - Our Love Should Last Forever(1966)
Riverside, California, USA, ESP 109

Yesterday's Children - I Wanna Be With You(1966)
New York, USA, Showcase 9812

The Headhunters - Times We Share(1967)
Minnesota, USA, Fenton 2518

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