Monday, February 11, 2013

The Dynamite Garage radio station

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I'm delighted to present to you our new DJ, our hired gun, The Garageman, with his show "Back In The Garage".
First episode of "Back In The Garage" will be broadcasted Friday kl 21.00), with reruns Saturday at 22.00 and 04.00.(Oslo time)

Last update of playlist:

Al's Untouchables - Come On Baby(1966)
Iowa City, Iowa, USA, Hunt 1410

Banshees - They Prefer Blondes(1965)
Millbrae, California, Monarch Records

Bees - Voices Green And Purple(1966)
Los Angeles, USA, Liverpool 62225

The Blackstones - The Bag I'm In(196?)
Hammond, Indiana, USA, Invictus

The Blues Company - She's Gone(1968)
Bay City, Michigan, USA, Great Lakes 3002

The Boys - You Deceived Me(1966)
Forth Worth, Texas, Emcee 015,16

The Bruthers - Bad Way To Go(1966)
Pearl River, New York, RCA 8920

Buccaneer's - You're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore(1966)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Amigo 104

The Bucky Rage - Wild Man(2012)
On "Cut 'em Down" Eruption Erupt EP 003

The Chob - Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore(1967)
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, Lavette la-5016

Dean Carter - Rebel Woman(1967)
Champaign, Illinois, USA, Milky Way 886m-0111

The Grapes Of Wrath - Cause It Was Her(1966)
San Pedro, California, USA, Vita 006

Haymarket Riot - Trip(1968)
Enid, Oklahoma, USA, Riot 101

The Humans - Warning(1966)
Albion, New York, Audition 6109

The Jades - Confined Congregation(1967)
Sparta, Michigan, USA, Fenton 2134

The Jujus - Do You Understand Me(1966)
Grand Rapids, Mitchigan, USA, United 121569/70

Larry & The Blue Notes - In And Out(1966)
Forth Worth, Texas, Charay 44

Mods - You've Got Another Think Coming(1966)
Toledo, Ohio, Peck no #

The Rats - Rat's Revenge Part One(1963)
Akron, Ohio, USA, Black Cat 502

The Rats - Rat's Revenge Part Two(1963)
Akron, Ohio, USA, Black Cat 502

Roamin' Togas - Bar The Door(1967)
Lafayette, Los Angeles, Lightning lr-101

The Shy Guys - Black Lightening Light(1968)
Florida, M-U 5941/5942

The Shadows Of Knight - Bad Little Woman(1966)
Chicago, Illinois, USA, Dunwich 128

Starfyres - Captain Dueseldorph(1966)
Lansford, Pennsylvania, USA Burr 1001

The Stereo Shoestring - On The Road South(1968)
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA English 1302

Thee Midniters - Jump Jive And Harmonize(1967)
Los Angeles, Whittier 507

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