Monday, February 18, 2013

Top 5 - William Hay(The Painted Ship)

This time I've got hold of William Hay, vocalist and songwriter in the magnificent Canadian band The Painted Ship. They've released garage-classics like Frustration(1966), Little White Lies(1966) and And She Said Yes(1966). He is a jolly guy and a true pioneer in 60's punk, and I'm delighted to get to learn about his top 5 songs of the 60's. Thanks for participating William!

Greetings gentle reader. Anders was kind enough to ask me to comment on 5 of my favorite songs from the 60's. I can't remember whether he said:
1) keep your comments brief.....or
2) write your comments while you're wearing only your briefs. hmmmmmm?

Oh, well, here we go.

5. Love: She comes in colors.
I guess this is far from the most popular of the songs by Love but it's my fav. I really like the medieval inspired keyboard work. It's a beautiful ode to a girlfriend without having to resort to the usual trite, sappy bullshit(do I have an opinion?)

4. Jefferson Airplane (Starship): Somebody to love.
Probably my favorite of the so-called San Francisco " hippie songs"
Grace (and Janis of course) showed that a woman can deliver the message as well as any man can. Everything about this song is right.

3. Them: Gloria.
Van is fantastic or course but this song has a lot going for it. Temp changes. Nice keyboard work. tasty drumming. and of course the intrigue: was this recorded by the Belfast boys or.......?

2. 13th Floor Elevators: You're gonna miss me
Imagination. what a treat to hear something completely different. and some very nice playing. check out the bass line. and then there is Roky. enough said!

1. The Sonics: Have love will travel.
For me, this is what rock n roll should sound like. Not the usual over-produced , bloated commercial crap. (oh, oh, another opinion rises)
"I might take a boat or I'll take a train
I might hitchhike or jump a railroad train
your kind of love drives a man insane"

I hear ya brother.

There ya go. thanks for asking Anders. I'm going to put my clothes back on now; I've got some grocery shopping to do. ( why the hell does he ask us to do this in our briefs? must be a Norwegian thing )


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! What a soundtrack! I've made Mr Hay's Top Five into a mixtape for my mp3 player. For personal use only of course, to be applied liberally throughout the day, as required, either with or without underwear. Many thanks to Mr H, and to Mr F. Beautiful tunes.

Anders F. said...

Cheers! I'd probably added the Painted Ship's songs to that list, as they're just as good.