Monday, January 21, 2013

Brian and The Rolling Stones

A scene from Clockwork Orange? Or the nastiest band in the UK?

Known as the most outrageous band in the world in the 60's, the Rolling Stones came to be known as the anti-Beatles, and in the early parts of the decade, little likely to become the pride of the British invasion. Before Andrew Oldham would manage the band, the guitarist and harmonica player Brian Jones would be the front-man and manager of the promising rhythm & blues band.

"We piss anywhere man"

Stoned was the b-side of Stones 2'nd single "I Wanna Be Your Man"(Decca 7-7052) , released in 1963. The first song credited to Nanker Phelge, as they would after the session inform their room-mate James Phelge(the guy who spit at neighbours, naked with his underwear on his head) at their home in Edith Grove with big cheeky grins.

The infamous nanker grimace aka the Innsmouth Look.
Brian and Mick back in their union days, making sure Jimmy Hoffa was never to be found.

Jack Tar Harrison Hotel, Clearwater, Florida 1965, where Keith and Mick would write Satisfaction, after Keith wake up after dreaming about the riff.

The Rolling Stones reveals their new vocalist. Brian: "He's good but he ain't no Mick Jagger".

From a photo session of the unreleased album "Could You Walk On The  Water?", that was later to be called Aftermath having a different set of songs.

Track list meant for "Could You Walk On The Water". Never made a release because of the controversial title, except on bootlegs:

"19th Nervous Breakdown"
"Sad Day"
"Take It Or Leave It"
"Mother's Little Helper"

"Goin' Home"
"Sitting On A Fence"
"Doncha Bother Me"
"Ride On Baby"
"Looking Tired"

My favorite interview on the Stones. Not thanks to some of the ridiculous questions asked.

Bored to death

Bored to death, part 2

Brian: "I like the queen, she make a good toothpick."

To be continued.....

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