Friday, January 18, 2013

The Keggs - Girl(1967)

The Keggs - Girl(1967) 
Detroit, Michigan, Orbit 20959/60

The song "Girl" is some kind of work. It's the b-side of "To Find Out", released in 1967. Re-released on the garage compilation "Back From The Grave Volume 6". The liner notes tells the story of a band from Detroit which was so unpopular that before each gig they had to change their name, otherwise nobody would come. Not more than 75 copies were pressed. All of them was given away to family and friends.

The playing is sloppy. The guitar is not tuned. But who cares? The primitive rawness is this songs strength, easier evidently for those into the garage or punk genre. The vocals are quite good, and mix with the out of tune band in an awesome way.

They sound somewhat like how a teenage Rolling Stones or Kinks would do after going on a months drunken bender, recording a demo, and not caring with the oh so dull thought that ruined the 70's: "what would the general public think about this?". Wish more bands could have had this mindset.

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