Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Dynamite Garage radio station

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Last update of playlist:

Los Shains - El Monstruo(1966)
Lima, Peru, on lp "El Ritmo De Los Shains": Odeon Del Peru LD 1483

The Aardvarks - I'm Higher Than I'm Down(1966)
Muskegon, Mitchigan, USA, Vark 2058

The Alarm Clocks - Yeah(1966)
Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Awake 107

Attila - When(196?)

Bad Roads - Blue Girl(1967)
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA, Jin 210

Word D. - Keep On Walking(Previously Unreleased)
Dallas, Texas

The Wrong Numbers - I'm Gonna Go Now(1967)
Mount Dora, Florida, Paris Tower 111

The Sparkles - No Friends Of Mine(1967)
Lubbock, Texas, Hickory 1443

Savoys - Can It Be(1965)
Chicago, Illinois, USA, Summit 403

The Rockin' Ramrods - She Lied(196?)
Boston, Massachutes, USA, Bon-Bon 1315

The Barons - Don't Burn It(1966)
Forth Worth, Texas, Brownfield 1035

The Eyes - When The Night Falls(1966)
London, UK, Mercury MF 881

The Fanatics - I Will Not Be Lonely(1965)
Houston, Texas, Gina 1118

Five Canadians - Writing On The Wall(1966)
San Antonio, Texas, Domar 1120

Illusions - City Of People(1966)
St. Clair Shores, Michigan, USA, Michelle 001-XX

The Mach V - If I Could(1967)
Savannah, Georgia, USA, Associated Artists 102

The Modds - Leave My House(Previously Unreleased)
Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Recorded 1966

The Best - You Mean Nothing To Me(1966)
New Jersey, USA, RPC 96

The Oxford Circle - Foolish Woman(1966)
Sacramento, California, USA, World United 002

Something Wild - Trippin Out(1967)
Santa Maria, California, USA, Psychedelic 1691

Love - 7 And 7 Ls(1966)
Elektra EK 45605

The Stoics - Hate(1967)
San Antonio, Texas, Brams 101

T.C. Atlantic - Faces(1966)
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Turtle t-1103

Things To Come - I'm Not Talkin'(1966)
Chicago, Illinois, USA; Dunwich 124

The Uncalled For - Do Like Me(1967)
Rhode Island, USA, Laurie 3394/Dollie 509

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