Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jimmie Logdson

Jimmie Logdson(no room for his rocket)
Back in 1948 a gentleman named Jimmie Logdson from Panther, Kentucky, started playing his guitar on WLOU radio, in Louisville. He was a big Hank Williams fan, and so would hire a guitarist and fiddler for playing some hillbilly music at the local clubs.

In 1951 he cut his first single named "It All Over But The Shouting", while he in 1952 got to open for his idol Hank Williams. Some more records where cut until 1955, before he took to the bottle.

Sobering up 2 years later, in 1957, he cut 2 singles, one more noteworthy than the others. Instead of the usual hillbilly style out of the slender man came a hard and sleazy rocker named "I Got A Rocket In My Pocket"(released in 1958 under the name Jimmy Lloyd), which probably could have given Iggy Pop and James Williamson of the Stooges something to think of, just about 15 years later(Stooges toured with "I Got A Cock in My Pocket" in 1973/1974). This was the first and only time Jimmie would record anything like this.

Story more or less stolen from "Unsung Heroes Of Rock'n'Roll" by Nick Tosches. The book is recommended to anyone!

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